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Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Coloured lights are pulsed through 7 quartz crystal into your 7 major chakras, deeply cleansing, opening and balancing these chakras to raise the frequency of your energy systems. Promoting healing of all levels of your being; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Crystal Massage

Incorporating crystals into a massage allows the vibrational energies of the crystals to penetrate muscles and the body thus bringing the body back to harmony and balance allowing itself to heal. Crystals will be used directly on skin for muscle manipulation or a grid will be created around the body creating a harmonising flow of energies

Crystal Healing

An alternative technique that incorporates the use of crystals t strengthen the vibrational energy within the body. Different crystal products have different therapeutic properties, depending on their size, shape, and composition. Crystals act as energy stores and when placed on and around the body they have the potential to balance and harmonise your mental and physical energy


Kinesiology Balance

Using the art of muscle testing to identify structural, chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances in the body and incorporating a wide range of powerful balancing techniques to increase vitality and health and wellbeing.

Past life Regression Therapy

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Liquid Crystal Healing

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